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Men Also Simulate Orgasm

Men Also Simulate Orgasm

Breaking generally accepted stereotypes, men also can simulate orgasm and do this rather often. Ukraine woman told that one fifth of their male clients pretend they had orgasm, while they did not. Most often they try to hide their sexual problems and want to seem more sexual than they are. However Kiev wonderful ladies are to experienced to miss such things: for them simulation is obvious.

Of course it seems impossible, because men ejaculate during an orgasm and it is impossible to simulate this natural process. Ukraine escorts open the secrets of men’s simulations: it is unnoticeable when people have sex with a condom. Women usually don’t check the content of condoms after sex is over, so they can’t see the fact that there was no ejaculation. Even with nice Kiev girl a man tries to simulate.

Guys, who have some problems in relationship and don’t want to show their libido became weaker, practice sex in a condom with ‘artificial’ orgasm. They have the same motives as women – not to offend partners and finish sex they dislike as quickly as possible.
If you noticed man’s simulation, beautiful models advise to change sexual tactics and try something new in your routine actions, to make your man more excited with sex.

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