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How Women Choose Men

How Women Choose Men

Amazing Ukraine girls share their own experience in picking men, what they pay attention at first and what traits are important when making an acquaintance.

According to Kiev women, women first look at man’s face, trying to analyze his character through his features. What is really important, is how a man looks at people. If his eyes are goggling, never stop on the opponent’s eyes, this usually spurns. Moreover, as stunning Ukraine females say, the beauty of features itself is not so important than how man is presenting himself. Most beauties prefer calm, confident men who don’t make too many moves, this shows that they are sure in themselves and don’t try to attract too much attention. Each lady has her own taste, but all beautiful and polite girls admit that all women like tidy-looking guys without nervousness in their appearance.

After studying man’s face, a lady begins to analyze his body, how it is built. Most of women don’t like men with big paunch, but some Kiev escorts admit this is rather sexy, it is a matter of taste. It is not obviously that to be attractive a man should have big muscles. Calm voice, confident eyes, tidy look can compensate their absence. Also a woman should like your body scent.

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