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How to Behave After a Sudden Sex?

How to Behave After a Sudden Sex?

If you picked up a girl in a bar and took her to your place to have sex, nice ladies from the capital advise you some tips of how to behave after everything happened. First of all, don’t speak about personal life, this is what can reveal some unpleasant details and simply inappropriate after such a short affair. Kiev sex ladies also advise not to be in a hurry to offer her to become your girlfriend. You know each other too short to be sure in your sympathy. Sex suppresses your ability to think rationally, so don’t hurry to make some serious steps.

A lot of women, nice Ukraine nice girls insist on this, prefer not to see a sudden lover in their bed in the morning. Even if she liked you and wants to continue this affair, first night is not the best time for this. If you stayed in her place, just go home after everything is finished. If you liked her, Kiev sex escorts just advise to take her phone number, to thank for a pleasant night and go away. Next day you can call her. If you stayed at your place, take care about taking her to her own place. You can drive her home in a taxi or your own car.

What Ukraine escort ladies advice never to do, is to turn her out of doors, regardless of how awful sex was. Be a polite gentleman in any way.

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