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The myth of the angel-prostitute

For many men it is normal to respond "automatically" on different types of women and feel sexual desire, regardless of their intellectual and emotional qualities. So what accounts for the possibility of having sexual intercourse with women, even if she is not appropriate due to the level of development, interests, character? Why in some cases men are willing to contact with prostitutes?

One explanation is that the men treat a woman not as individual but as sexual object, and sex is absolutely not compatible with love (in some cases it can even be combined with negative feelings - contempt, annoyance, hate, envy.)
In order to understand the mechanisms of this phenomenon/process, it is necessary to return back to the period of early sexual development. In adolescence, boys pay attention to the appearance of sexual arousal in the form of an erection on seeing a naked female body, viewing pictures in magazines, being close to some women, seeing Kiev escorts. Sexual attraction, usually a rudimentary form, can arise in relation to mother, sisters and other female relatives. But soon these attractions are rejected, denied by mind as inconsistent and contradictory to culture, socially accepted laws. So they are forced out of the sphere of consciousness and as a result there is the formation of 2 types of treatment for women: non-sexual - to close relatives of a man and sexual - to other women. Kiev escorts attract any man and are very sexual for all males.

Later in adult life a man is likely to have specific attitude to those women who, by their character, appearance, style of behavior remind of his mother. Thus, soft, kind, caring, self-confident women who can be "matched up" with the image of mother at a subconscious level raise various positive feelings, but not sexy interest. At the same time, sexual desire can cause a woman who is the opposite of good, caring, humble mother. They are women with ease, sexually provocative behavior, defiantly vulgar, deceiving women having many fans and lovers, etc. And Kiev escorts make any man excited and burning of desire.
According to this mechanism men have got mythological complex called "angel-prostitute". It means they are more likely to have sexual relationships with women not similar to their mother-image. Such hot and slutty women as Kiev escorts are really very desired and admired by men.

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