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Sex and Health – Part 2

  1. Do not you have any chronic pain or painful symptoms of chronically disease? Whatever the cause, the pain is likely to reduce your sexual desires.
  2. Are you going through menopause at the time, or have you already passed that period? After menopause the brightness of orgasm may reduce, but if you ever experienced the joy of sexual intercourse, you will probably save this ability.
  3. Do you drink more than half bottle of wine or the equivalent amount of other alcoholic beverages daily? Overdrinking leads to reducing of sexual desire. But the moderate use of alcohol may increase it, especially when sexual Ukraine escorts accompany you to some nice places, restaurant or night club for example, where you can have a shot or cocktail and then continue your communication with Ukraine escorts in cozy hotel room.
  4. Do you suffer from significant excess weight? Excess weight is when your real weight exceeds your "ideal" one on more than 10 kg. Try to lose weight. Excessive fullness alienates many sexual partners, cause shortness of breath and limited mobility and thus lower your sexual energy. No overweight and fat can you see looking at Ukraine escorts. These ladies have perfect bodies.
  5. Do not you have at present a severe depression? Severe depression usually has a negative impact on the total analyze of self-esteem. Moreover, it can easily lead to a decrease in your sexual confidence. It can also be the cause of loss of sexual desire. If your mood and spirits are low for more than 2-3 weeks and it looks like nothing improves, see your doctor. Interest in sexual activity will return as soon as your spirits get high again. For getting joy and bright impressions contact Ukraine escorts and meet some if those vivid, slutty and intelligent women that can help you overcome any depression or stressful situation.

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