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Sex and Health – Part 1

There are always some questions about healthy sexual life. And the following questionnaire with advices will help you to identify discernible or hidden problems with health that can complicate your sex life.

  1. If you are being treated because of a medical condition of an STD, and whether you have vaginal irritation, as well as abundant or odorous discharge, it is necessary to avoid sexual intercourse. Try to eliminate sexual relationship until the doctor examines you and states: you do not have some sexually transmitted disease.
  2. Did you have in the recent past some acute disease? Any acute illness can cause a temporary decrease of sexual desire. Give yourself time to restore your health, desires, skills and the inherent joy of sexual intercourse will gradually recover. Any of Ukraine escorts is ready to help a man to reopen his sexual power. All Ukraine escorts know plenty of secrets of making man or woman interested in sex.
  3. Do you have pain during intercourse? Although the pain usually occurs when there is insufficient (not enough) moisture in vagina, pain may also be caused by some physical disorders. Fit and strong Ukraine escorts are always smiling and in shape to be with client as long as he/she wants.
  4. Did not you recently get your uterus moved? Your doctor will probably allow you to have intercourse after about 6 weeks after surgery. At first you may feel that after surgery your vagina became shorter and narrower, but it will pass when having regular sexual relations. The operation will not have any damaging effects on your sex life, but with the resumption of sexual activity you may need to apply lubricant. Ukraine escorts always have different things to make sex pleasant and safe.
  5. Did you recently have spaying operation? The operation may be the cause of the menopause symptoms: vaginal secretions decrease, the emergence of hot flashes and night sweats, but it should not have a straight negative effect on sexual desire. The dryness can be reduced by use of estrogen in oral tablets or creams containing estrogen.

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