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Oral sex

During sexual intercourse, you can use your mouth and tongue in different ways, but the term "oral sex" usually refers to a specific oral-genital contact. Well-known terms that refer to stimulation of the sexual organs of a man in such way is known as fellatio, and the stimulation of female genital mutilation - as cunnilingus. The origin of these words takes us back to ancient Latin, when this kind of sex was wide-spread as well.

Oral pleasure are mostly given for men, but many women experience discomfort with this process, so it can even be a source of tension and feeling of stress. Oral sex may be the most intimate of all sexual acts between partners, and implies full acceptance of each other, both emotionally and physically. For this reason, it can give the most deeply satisfying for both partners, because of "give" and "take" roles being changed here and both partners can enjoy this kind of caressing. Oral sex is also highly effective for pre-excitation – for getting hotter and more exited. And of course to make partner feel splendid orgasm as well. Kiev escort girls are wonderful interlocutors, companions and people to walk with, and they also know how to give unforgettable blowjob. Oral sex plays to a man a special role. For him, it's proof that the partner is ready to take it all. That is why in case of failure, the man feels rejected.

However oral stimulation for many women is the border line between acceptable and unacceptable. If the thought of it makes you resist, then maybe you have no clue what is expectedor awaited of you. Or you have some fears and just feel ashamed. But for Kiev escort girls there is no problem. They are professional and well-educated women, chosen by Kiev escort agencies after specific interviews and tests. Kiev escort ladies always feel the desires of a client and satisfy them.

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