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How to make sex safe?

It often happens that we lose our heads while having sex and don’t pay due regard to probable consequences. However, safety is the first thing we should think about while having contact with unknown partners. Kiev escort agencies ensure that your sex will be safe, as all ladies regularly undergo medical examination and keep their bodies clean and tidy. Besides, Kiev escorts will provide you with all necessary protection.

First of all you should think how to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The most common protection is condoms; however there are a lot of other birth control methods that may be used. However, while staying with an lady you shouldn’t worry about pregnancy prevention, as the ladies usually think about this on their own. What is more important is protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Taking into consideration that escort girls can guarantee that they are healthy, you should ensure that you are not infected before having some contacts.

Even if both partners are healthy, it is better to play safe. You can use ordinary condoms or female condoms that are inserted into the vagina. There are also such diseases that may be transmitted while oral sex, so you should use condoms during it. To make cunnilingus you can use a dental dam, which is used as a barrier between the vagina and the mouth. If you still had an unprotected sexual contact and there is a chance that you got in infection, remember that there are some medicines that can kill the infection if taken a couple of hours after an intercourse.

Choose Kiev escorts if you want to ensure that you are having safe and healthy relationships.

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