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Does size matter?

Despite the fact, that Kiev escort women from all around the world are trying to persuade their partners that penis size doesn't matter, men are still worrying about it. The reason of such misconception is rather obvious: there is a stereotype that penis is a representation of men's power, so the bigger it is, the stronger a man is. Besides, the vast majority of porn movies and erotic magazines show "perfect" males with huge penises. No wonder that men may develop inferiority complex after such brainwashing.

Let's see what our experienced Ukraine escort ladies think about this issue. "What really matters is not the size but men's sexual skills."Probably there is no Kiev escort woman who won't agree with this statement. A man even with penis ofbelow the average size can drive a woman mad, if he knows how to use it and how to behave with a female. By the way, the average length of erected penis is 5,1 – 5,9 in (13-15 cm). When people talk about penis size, they often mean its length, while in fact its thickness is more important. The average circumference of an erected penis is 3,5 – 4,3 in (9 – 11 cm).

Moreover, Kiev escort girls are often afraid of huge penises, as they can cause discomfort and even pain while having sexual contact. And it is rather difficult to have oral sex with the owners of such sizes. Sure, there are some Ukraine women that prefer long and thick penises, but according to the statistics they are in the minority. As you see, there are no reasons to worry about the size of your penis. It is better to think about your sexual skills. If you doubt about your experience, Ukraine escorts can help you to improve your sexual life and to make you an impetuous lover in Kiev.

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