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Ah, macho!

"Macho" is a word for image of the medieval idea that the woman is subject to all what the man wants, seeking fulfillment of his desires.
According to the ethics of the macho, all women are lower beings who cannot be seriously taken into account in making any decisions. Contemptuous and degrading treatment of women is not applied only to one of them - his mother. Sometimes a man with macho-behavior can admire and worship his wife after long years of marriage but it doesn’t mean he will not betray and cheat on her.

The basis of macho ethic is attitude to a woman as a sexual object, desired and at the same time despised. Speaking about friendship or intellectual communication we must admit it can be possible only with exclusion of sexual relations. Machos always love to spend time with Ukraine escort ladies. They can count on good and interesting conversation and pleasant night out. Ukraine escort girls don’t ask stupid questions and don’t waste one’s nerves.
Machos constantly emphasize their masculinity. Typical rigid behavior suits their image of a strong man: the style of dress, manner of talking, smoking, alcohol consumption. Macho man considers it shameful to show sentimentality, engagement, empathy with women who are with him in sexual intercourse. Notwithstanding charm and elegance of Ukraine escort girls, macho can behave with them patient and stay calm – these ladies are only his. He aims to change sexual partners as often as possible and likes to demonstrate this behavior in front of their friends and acquaintances. But with Ukraine escort ladies macho is proud to walk and visit different entertaining complexes without any negative experiences.

Men with macho complex avoid contact with psychologists. They try to get away from any attempt to sort out their feelings and interpersonal problems.
Macho ethic is now evidence of serious psychological problems, the severity of complex "Angel-prostitute", particularly because it is a defensive response to this complex, hiding the anxiety of the understanding the content of their experiences and feelings.

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