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Escorts Vs. Prostitutes

Many men falsely believe that prostitution is the same as escort services. Sure these two services have something in common, but there are still a lot of differences. Let's see why Ukrainian special services have advantages over prostitution. We offer to look through all our stories to find out the answer.

The main difference between special service and prostitution is that prostitutes sell their body only, while other is a company of a pretty woman. You can take a lady to a business meeting, or ask her to show you the city as a guide, or ask for some other help. Special services doesn't simply sex, however if a lady doesn't mind she can agree to have some sexual relationships with a man. That's the reason why it is a legal service, and prostitution is forbidden is some countries. Such kind of service is considered elite service. Such agencies ensure that their ladies are first-class, they are pretty, smart, friendly, well-educated and well-mannered, while you probably won't take a prostitute for a meeting with your business partners. Beautiful ladies know how to look smart, what to talk about and how to behave.

Such respected agencies ensure that their ladies are healthy, tidy and safe to have contacts with, so you should not worry about your welfare while staying with such ladies. As you see, these services have many benefits, no wonder that they are more expensive than prostitute services. It is up to you to decide whether to choose qualitative, safe and first-class service or cheap price. But keep in mind that there's no such thing as a free lunch.

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